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    Smart Interactive Rolling Ball

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    Engage your feline friend's natural instincts and keep them entertained for hours with the revolutionary Smart Interactive Rolling Ball! This high-tech toy is more than just a rolling ball; it's an interactive playground that sparks your cat's curiosity, encourages exercise, and provides endless mental stimulation.

    Features that Felines Will Feline-ate:

    • Smart Movement:¬†Equipped with intelligent sensors,¬†the ball automatically changes direction and rolls in unpredictable patterns,¬†mimicking the movements of fleeing prey and igniting your cat's hunting instincts.
    • Multiple Modes:¬†Choose from two stimulating modes:¬†Normal mode for continuous rolling fun or Smart mode for an interactive experience where the ball reacts to your cat's touches and swats.
    • Obstacle Avoidance:¬†No need to worry about bumped furniture or trapped balls.¬†The built-in sensors help the ball navigate around obstacles,¬†keeping playtime safe and frustration-free.
    • Long-lasting Fun:¬†A single charge provides up to 30 minutes of playtime,¬†giving your cat ample opportunity to chase,¬†pounce,¬†and bat at the ball.
    • Quiet Operation:¬†Unlike other motorized toys,¬†the Smart Rolling Ball operates silently,¬†ensuring peaceful playtime for both you and your furry companion.


    More Than Just a Toy, It's a Wellness Tool:

    • Combats Boredom:¬†The interactive nature of the ball keeps your cat mentally stimulated and engaged,¬†preventing boredom and destructive behaviors.
    • Promotes Exercise:¬†Encourages healthy activity and helps combat feline obesity by enticing your cat to chase,¬†jump,¬†and bat at the rolling ball.
    • Strengthens the Bond:¬†Playtime with the Smart Rolling Ball is a fantastic way to bond with your cat,¬†providing quality interaction and strengthening your relationship.


    Product Specifications:

    • Material:¬†Food-grade ABS and soft silicone
    • Diameter:¬†4.3 cm (1.69 inches)
    • Battery:¬†Rechargeable 80mAh lithium-ion battery
    • Charging time:¬†Approximately 2 hours
    • Playtime:¬†Up to 30 minutes per charge
    • Colors:¬†Available in various vibrant colors



    Unleash the playful potential within your cat and bring joy to your home with the Smart Interactive Rolling Ball! Order yours today and watch your feline friend's eyes light up with excitement.

    Additional Tips:

    • Place the ball in open areas free from clutter to allow for unrestricted movement.
    • Supervise your cat during playtime,¬†especially during the first few uses.
    • Clean the ball with a damp cloth as needed.

    Smart Interactive Rolling Ball



    Keep the charging port is up,then press the power switch and swing FlyNova Pro with your wrist,and the wind blade will start to rotate.Swing FlyNova Pro again,the wind blade will stop rotating.Press the power button again,FlyNova Pro will stop working.

    Please keep the charging port is up and thrown out at an angle of 30¬į, and the ball will fly back by itself.Please practice a few times to be proficient in the operation

    This is normal phenomenon,the ball will stop spinning when it falls on the ground.Throw it out at an angle of about 30¬į. it will back by itself.


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