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    🛰️45.000Hz ultrasonic cleaner

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    An ultrasonic cleaning machine is a device that uses ultrasonic waves to clean objects. The ultrasonic waves create cavitation bubbles that implode, which creates a powerful cleaning action. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are often used to clean delicate objects that cannot be cleaned by other methods, such as jewelry, glasses, and electronic devices.


    • 45,000 Hz frequency: The ultrasonic cleaning machine operates at a frequency of 45,000 Hz, which is the most effective frequency for cleaning delicate objects.
    • Multi-function: The ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean a variety of objects, including jewelry, glasses, electronic devices, and other small items.
    • Large capacity: The ultrasonic cleaning machine has a capacity of 5 liters, which allows you to clean a large number of objects at once.
    • Easy to use: The ultrasonic cleaning machine is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge.
    • [360° Thorough Cleaning] Simple wash, deep into the gap, high frequency 360° thorough impact, usually difficult to clean places can be cleaned;
    • [Anti-shake and noise reduction] The bottom of the cleaning machine is equipped with 4 shock-absorbing rubber feet, which can be adsorbed on the desktop to reduce the displacement caused by ultrasonic vibration.
    • [I can't put it down] The battery is removable (battery not included), safe and convenient.

    🏍️How to use

    1. Fill the ultrasonic cleaning machine with water.
    2. Add the objects you want to clean.
    3. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine.
    4. Set the cleaning time.
    5. Allow the ultrasonic cleaning machine to finish cleaning.


    Material: PP

    Rated voltage: 12V rated

    Power: 5W

    color: White

    Weight: 0.193

    Size: 190x72x6 8mm/7.2x2.8x2.6"

    Power supply: 2 AAA dry batteries (not included)

    Suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, makeup brushes, toys, razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, combs, etc.

    Packing list:

    1 x cleaner


    The ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It is BPA-free and safe for use around children and pets.



    • Deep cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can clean objects more deeply than other methods, such as hand washing or dishwashing.
    • Efficacy: Ultrasonic cleaning machines are effective at removing dirt, grime, and bacteria from objects.
    • Safety: Ultrasonic cleaning machines are safe to use around children and pets.

    🚤🚤The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a great product for anyone who wants to clean delicate objects effectively. It is perfect for people who wear jewelry, wear glasses, or have electronic devices.

    🛰️45.000Hz ultrasonic cleaner



    Keep the charging port is up,then press the power switch and swing FlyNova Pro with your wrist,and the wind blade will start to rotate.Swing FlyNova Pro again,the wind blade will stop rotating.Press the power button again,FlyNova Pro will stop working.

    Please keep the charging port is up and thrown out at an angle of 30°, and the ball will fly back by itself.Please practice a few times to be proficient in the operation

    This is normal phenomenon,the ball will stop spinning when it falls on the ground.Throw it out at an angle of about 30°. it will back by itself.


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